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Norton Street Festival 2016

posted 29 Sept 2016, 18:29 by Ruth Thompson   [ updated 21 Jan 2017, 15:13 ]
Join Fortissimo! for ballads and bucatini!

We're at the Norton Street Festa 2016

Sunday October 30, 11am
on the Main Stage
Special Guest: Gino Pengue, guitar

Come and join the miraculous musical minestra that is Fortissimo choir…  

We’re going on a journey into music – not of the future, not of the present, not even of the pasta (groan…), but into a world where songs are twirled around a tuning fork and served up with lashing of bragadoccio, heaps of sprezzatura, and just a little bit of parmesan.

To get into the mood just think Jersey Boys meets Name of the Rose meets any cook book by Ada Boni.

 We look forward to seeing you in Norton Street - bring your friends too... 
... or else mamma's gonna get mad!