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Our style

Sydney performer and singing teacher Nadia Piave created Fortissimo! to be a choir that embraces the romantic within, the Italian that lives in the heart of us all... In fact, if your favourite Auntie’s best pummarola sauce could sing, we think it would be Fortissimo!

Our 'style' is
part-choir, part-workshop, and our songs range widely from Italian traditional to English folk songs, baroque madrigals, the occasional retro pop song, World songs, and songs by the great composers.  And, just like every great Italian chef we improvise too!

Sopranos, altos, tenors or basses: w
hether you've sung in choirs for years or never before, read music or tremble at the sight of a treble clef, all are welcome. 

If you have an appetite for delicious harmonies and want to sing with a small, friendly group of people who are all there for the music, then our singing group is for you. 

No experience or audition is required. Just bring your ears (a good ear is desirable...), your imagination, a good attitude, and join us in our musical minestrone! 

Bravissimo, Bellissimo, Fortissimo! ...Gently simmering on the Sydney singing scene since 2006!